feature 1c

Who's coming?

Keep track of your birthday party RSVP's

It's always hard to remember which children you've invited, who has replied and who hasn't. With our Guest List area all this is taken care of. A graphical style interface shows you who is yet to respond, who is attending and who isn't. It also calculates the number of guests who are coming.

feature 2
What gifts did you get?

An auto-populated gift section

Every child that is attending the party is automatically put into the gift page, in alphabetical order. Here, you can enter any gift the child may have brought and whether you've sent a thank you card or not.
feature 3
What did we forget?

Planning your party

Forget about all the scraps of paper, notes and texts. With the planning section you can add your own categories such as Food or Venue and keep all your important party information in one place. It even tells you how many days to go until party time.

People Behind The App

A husband and wife team with two small children, Oliver and James. We understand the work that goes into a kid's party and want to make parent's lives that little bit easier.

Gracie Xie

The one with the idea

Gracie is a hard working mum of two who’s always looking for ways to make our lives simpler. She hopes this app will help others have a hassle free party planning experience.

John Watts

The one that made it

John loves new challenges and so he decided to build the app himself, using Swift 2. It was actually a lot of fun and coding is strangely addictive!

  • Available with all the features you need, all in one place.

  • Makes organising a child's birthday party hassle free.

  • Simple and intuitive to use with tap gestures.



Will you collect any personal information?

No, we do not collect any information from the app. All the data is stored on your individual phone and when the app is deleted, so is the data.

I've got an idea for a new feature. Can I contact you?

Great, yes. We'd love to hear any new features that you think would make the app even better. We'll then do our best to implement them in a future update.

Will there be free updates?

Yes, there are free updates for the life of the app. If new features are added you will get these.

Is the app available for Android?

At the moment the app is only available to IOS but we are currently developing an Android version as well.